WELLA EN Size Chart For pajamas

WELLA Size Chart For Pajamas
المقاس الوزن
من 60 : 65 كجم
من 65 : 75 كجم
من 75 : 80 كجم
من 80 : 90 كجم
من 90: 95 كجم
من 95 : 105 كجم

شروط الشحن والإستبدال


شروط الشحن و الإستبدال

  • يتم الإرتجاع في خلال 14 يوم من الشراء
  • لايتم الارتجاع بدون الريسيت
  • يكون المنتج بنفس حالة شراءة
  • لايتم إرتجاع الداخلي الحريمي و الرجالي بكل أنواعة حرصا منا علي سلامة العميل
  • يتم إرتجاع المبلغ بنفس طريقة الشراء
  • ومتاح طبعا الاستبدال و الارتجاع وحضرتك بتتحملي تكلفة الشحن فقط
  • و الاوردر بياخد يوم تجهيز و من 1 ل 2 ايام و شحن من 2:3 عقبال مايوصل لحضرتك
  • نحب نأكد علي حضرتك من حقك تفتحي الاوردر
  • وبنأكد علي مراجعه جدول المقاسات 
  • يوجد بعد الوصف جدول مقاسات بالأبعاد تفصيلي


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Woman Long Sleeve Body Viscoz

Underwear women

Company profile

Wella Clothing Factory started more than 27 years ago in the field of home clothes of all kinds, “women’s and men’s”, as well as underwear.

Which we took into account the existence of the comfort factor by 100%, as all products were made of cotton.

Which gives you warmth in the winter and relieve the feeling of heat in the summer

And with every year we try to satisfy all our customers’ tastes by adding modern designs that suit everyone, with multiple colors and sizes starting from S: 5XL, and all of them are of the same quality with Wella … your comfort in cotton.

Underwear women

Woman Long Sleeve Body Viscoz

product specification

High quality Egyptian product
Don’t just make you feel comfortable
Our products are durable and not easily damaged
Comfortable and roomy fit
Elegant products suitable for those with good taste
Exclusive products to suit all tastes
Made in Egypt
Available sizes: S:4XL
Our Facebook page
We can ship to all governorates of the Republic
Why look for the nearest clothing store and have the shipment delivered to you on the next day?
The best prices and the finest material at the lowest price
We have available (women’s bra, women’s underwear, women’s pajamas, women’s abayas, women’s nightgowns, cashmere, bikini panties, women’s trousers, women’s clothing)
Store link
Great deals all year round
Success Partners (Jumia, Amazon)

Woman Long Sleeve Body Viscoz

How do you keep your cotton products?

At the outset, we would like to explain how you know cotton from polyester

First, cotton is a protein substance, meaning when it ignites, white smoke appears
Secondly, polyester, when ignited, produces black smoke
Third, there is a clear and strong sheen in polyester, unlike cotton, as the sheen of cotton is simple
Fourth, cotton has a clear wrinkle after washing, and the product must be ironed, unlike polyester, so that it does not wrinkle
Fifthly, from the nature of cotton, it shrinks after the first washing process, while polyester, by contrast, does not shrink
Women’s bodysuit, viscose suspender
Underwear women
Flowers, sweatpants, undershirt, undershirt, shopping mall, fashion, over size

Weight 0.0 kg

XL, XXL, L, M, S, 3XL, 4XL

جدول مقاسات ويللا بالوزن
جدول مقاسات ويللا بالوزن
جدول مقاسات ويللا للعبايات بالأبعاد
جدول مقاسات ويللا للعبايات بالأبعاد
جدول مقاسات ويللا للبيجامات بالأبعاد
جدول مقاسات ويللا للبيجامات بالأبعاد

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بادي حريمي فسكوز بكم
بادي حريمي فسكوز بكم XL/XXL

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