WELLA SizeChart For Pajamas

جدول المقاسات الخاص بالبيجامات و الاندر شيرت
المقاس الوزن البنطلون ( طول ) البنطلون ( عرض الوسط ) التي شيرت ( طول ) التي شيرت ( عرض الوسط )
من 60 : 65 كجم
من 65 : 75 كجم
من 75 : 80 كجم
من 80 : 90 كجم
من 90: 95 كجم
من 95 : 105 كجم

WELLA EN Size Chart For Galabya

WELLA Size chart in weight
المقاس الوزن
من 75 : 80 كجم
من 80 : 90 كجم
من 90: 95 كجم
من 95 : 105 كجم
من 105 : 110 كجم
من 110 : 120 كجم

شروط الشحن والإستبدال


شروط الشحن و الإستبدال

  • يتم الإرتجاع في خلال 14 يوم من الشراء
  • لايتم الارتجاع بدون الريسيت
  • يكون المنتج بنفس حالة شراءة
  • لايتم إرتجاع الداخلي الحريمي و الرجالي بكل أنواعة حرصا منا علي سلامة العميل
  • يتم إرتجاع المبلغ بنفس طريقة الشراء
  • ومتاح طبعا الاستبدال و الارتجاع وحضرتك بتتحملي تكلفة الشحن فقط
  • و الاوردر بياخد يوم تجهيز و من 1 ل 2 ايام و شحن من 2:3 عقبال مايوصل لحضرتك
  • نحب نأكد علي حضرتك من حقك تفتحي الاوردر
  • وبنأكد علي مراجعه جدول المقاسات 
  • يوجد بعد الوصف جدول مقاسات بالأبعاد تفصيلي

Woman Winter Printed Pajama 2

Winter Homecoming 2023 Abayas suit all tastes from Wella.

There have been many searches recently for my winter house abayas 2022, because many women and girls have recently tended to wear my house abayas, as they are looking for comfort and softness in an elegant manner while sitting indoors with the family in the summer.

Where all women and girls are looking for abayas for my winter house 2022, keeping pace with the latest trends of the new year and fashion, which suit every body and taste, and this is what has been worked on in Wella Abaya products.

We will show some of the available Wella Abayas and their features.

Women’s winter abayas from Wella.

Wella has worked to provide women’s Abayas for women in all sizes and colors to suit all tastes, as Wella Abayas are characterized by a 100% cotton material that helps you relieve the summer heat.

And there are abayas with sleeves and half sleeves, with different graphics that distinguish you in your home.

Wella Abayas 100% Cotton

Wella Abayas are distinguished from other Abayas in that they are made of 100% cotton and not only that, they are very soft on the body, you do not feel the summer sea, so you have to own one of the Wella Abayas with 100% cotton material.

Wella viscose abayas are light on the body.

Wella offers a range of light viscose abayas for the body for women and girls who do a lot of housework, as the abaya helps you to move easily and not feel tight because it feels soft and light on you.

Wella Abayas are made with love.

Wella took care of every detail drawn in your abaya in terms of color, drawing and engraving on the chest until it reached you with love.


Woman Winter Printed Pajama 2

Make sure that the home abayas have a wide design to give you a good look and feel free when moving around the house, like a colorful butterfly.

-Choose home abayas with soft fabrics that do not make you feel like the summer sea, so I advise you to choose an abaya made of soft cotton fabric.

– Make sure that the abaya is embroidered when receiving guests to give you an elegant and imminent appearance in front of them. There are many different Willa Abayas that give you an attractive and elegant appearance

– When choosing the colors of the abayas, make sure that they are bright and clear in order to give you an elegant and cheerful appearance in the summer, be suitable for your body and skin color, which gives you an attractive appearance every time you wear it.

-Therefore, I advise you to buy Wella’s soft cotton winter abayas and their cheerful winter colors that help you feel comfortable and change from your daily mood.

Also available with us

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Heidi printed abaya 13
Your abaya in summer 2022 looks like you from Wella.

You are always looking for an abaya that looks like you and your style of clothing, whether you wear it at home or when guests come to you from abroad, that’s why Wella has worked on more different shapes of abayas with various patterns…

In the following lines, we will show you more details about the Women’s Wella Women’s Abayas for the summer of 2022.

1. What you are looking for you will find in Wella Abayas.

With the onset of summer and extreme heat, many women are keen on a soft cotton abaya that suits them and their shape, and this is what Wella Group worked on, as it focused on making abayas with a light and soft cotton material that makes you feel comfortable when wearing it.

2. Wella Abayas are inspired by the colors of nature.

Woman Winter Printed Pajama 2

When you first look at Willa’s abayas, you will find that they varied in colors, so you find the abayas in light colors that suit the winter atmosphere and the beautiful colors of nature, such as pink: this color gives in abayas a sense of calm and innocence, and is also associated with romance and love if it is light.

As for the green color of abayas: the green color speeds up reading and relieves stress. He is connected

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S, XL, L, M


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